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What is a SEO backlink?
If youre happy with the results of the SEO uplift you receive, well then be pleased to give you a quotation for continued backlinking services. The cost of our backlink optimization service is good value in comparison to search engine marketing such as PPC or Google Adwords. The price will be related to your position at the time in Google, the amount of keywords for which you want backlinks for and the existing competition from other website owners for those SEO keywords. Get your free Keyboost trial by simply clicking and filling in the application form here. Need specific optimization advice? If the optimisation concepts of SEO backlinks and on-page content leave you stressed and confused, we are here to help. Our expert consultants will talk through your website challenges. We can help you with a site audit too.
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Request a quote and receive your free SEO audit report. Top-notch backlink audit services - How can you get benefit from our services? A backlink is the best ranking factor and an essential part of SEO strategy. It improves your site to satisfy the search engine and your targeted audience.
Why You Need to Perform Regular Backlink Audits.
See, backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. Yet its pretty common for backlink maintenance to take a back seat for a lot of digital marketers. Regular backlink audits are critical. But if youre not convinced, heres a quick story to put things into perspective. The first time we did our backlink audit, we were a bit shocked. We had over 16,000, links to review. Even worse - nearly half of those were whats called toxic links. These are spammy sites linking back to our site, and potentially affecting search rank. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a heavy lift to audit, analyze and review these links. But we prioritized it and saw a boost in our SEO performance because of it.
Backlink Audit Tool to Clean Link Profile in 7 Easy Steps.
Step 1: Get the most complete list of your backlinks. To run a comprehensive and accurate backlink audit, you should definitely start with getting a complete list of web pages that presently link to your site. How-to: Find backlinks with SEO SpyGlass. Run SEO SpyGlass backlink audit tool, enter your website's' URL, and let the software collect all your backlinks. Pull backlinks from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
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I hope you get a chance to play with Excel and see how efficient it is when conducting your backlink audit. If youve already used Excel for this purpose and have other tips youd like to share, leave them in a comment below.
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You can also try any number of free link checkers like this one offered by Ahrefs or platforms like SEMRush to see whos linked to your site, and what pages theyre linking to. So, what should you do during a backlink audit? Identify poor links from unwanted sites. In this situation, unwanted means irrelevant. If Nike were to create a piece of content about shoes and link to your cleaning-supply website, thats not a great link - even though it comes from an authoritative source. It just isnt relevant content. Links stemming from scammy websites and link farms are also on your list to avoid. Some backlink checkers will identify those problematic sites for you, and Google Search Console will alert you to issues that may be manually reviewed. If you think Google is dinging your site due to unnatural links from spammy or fake sites, Google gives you the option to create a list of links to disavow.
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Too many low quality links from sites with poor content will hurt your rankings, particularly if there are a low amount of links from high quality websites. A poor backlink portfolio A lot of low quality backlinks not a lot of high quality backlinks will likely cause a manual penalty, throwing your site out of Google's' graces. This is where a Backlink Audit comes in.
Why You Need To Perform Regular Backlink Audits.
If you do a backlink audit, youll show that you actually care about what kind of backlinks you have and that youre taking a good care of your site. What isa backlink audit? Simply put, its a method of checking a websites backlinks and removing or disavowing the bad ones, in order to have a clean backlink profile and avoid getting penalized by Google.
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While auditing, the backlink audit tool will pit your backlinks against over 45 toxicity markers, which will detect potentially harmful or toxic backlinks. The tool creates a disavow file you can send to Google for all the toxic backlinks you have. You can also reach out to the owner of the website to remove the link to your domain. However, if you dont think a backlink is actually harmful, you have the option to whitelist it in one click. In addition, this tool will automatically track any changes in your backlinks and send you email updates regularly. Other tools include: Moz Pro Link Explorer, BuzzSumo, OpenLinkProfiler etc. How Can We Help? Seriously struggling with your link building strategy and need someone else to take a look? You should give us a call and well help you get back on track. While you wait, go check out our training courses where we guide you through our tried and tested SEO practises that you can then implement upon completion. Buyer Enablement Platform. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use. About Us Careers. Follow Our Socials. 2021 Grow Hack Scale Ltd The Growth Enablement Company.

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